Hulk (2003)

Yeah, you read that right.

In a post-Endgame world, we decided that we needed to talk about this movie. A true cultural icon in its own right.

Okay, okay; we’re mostly kidding.

Not about retro-reviewing this movie, though.

We needed an episode for you all this Monday, and we didn’t see Endgame until yesterday, so we made the obvious choice. Or the hilarious one. Either or.

This episode was a bunch of fun to record, and we really hope you like it! It may even be a relief for anyone who likes movie podcasts and hasn’t seen Endgame, because that’s pretty much all any of them are going to be talking about.

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As always, thank you so much for listening!


Hello Listeners!

Alex and I are back this week to discuss the Hellboy reboot. Spoiler alert: It’s not very good and we pull no punches in telling you why.

In fact, we had so much to say that we had to stop ourselves before we ended up with a two hour long episode. You’re welcome. If only the creators of this movie were so kind….

Anyway, as always, we thank you so much for your support! You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Get Your Acts Together

Hello Listeners!

Alex and I are back this week with a special episode breaking down the three-act structure you may have heard us mention once or twice in our movie reviews.

You all seem to love learning with us, so we thought it was high time we do it again. Below we have links to some of the sources we mention in the episode.

As always, we thank you so much for listening and supporting us. Please feel free to comment and review wherever you get your podcast content.

Until next time!

LINKS: link by Todd VanDerWerff

Film Crit Hulk’s “Myth of 3 Act Structure”

PDF of Michael Hauge’s 3-act structure chart

Captain Marvel

Hello Listeners!

Alex and I are finally back with a full-length episode for you. Now, the only way you haven’t heard about this movie is if you’re living under a rock. It had an incredibly successful box office opening and there was quite a bit of controversy pre-release.

There is also no shortage of opinions floating around on this film, and we’re so glad you’ve chosen to listen to ours.

Alex and I disagree on a lot of points for the first time, we discuss if this film is really as feminist as it claims, we take a hard stance on Goose the Cat, and teach you a little bit about the fear of spies during the Cold War.

Thank you so much for listening. Don’t forget to leave us a comment and review if you enjoyed the episode, and we’ll see you next time!

Mirror Box Films – Study Up!

Hello Listeners!

I’m finally getting around to post this episode we did for Mirror Box Films (a really cool new film production community that you should totally check out).

We’ll be producing an episode a month for our friends at Mirror Box, all with a fun, educational bend and all with a unique theme.

In this episode, Alex and I talk about how we started this very podcast and we offer up some advice in case you’re looking to do the same thing.

As always, thank you so much for listening! And don’t forget to check out the Mirror Box Films blog.

The Oscars Episode

Hello Listeners!

Alex and I are back this week with a special Oscars episode. We will, of course, inform you of the noms and discuss our picks for the winners, but you know we had to throw in a little twist.

We will also be telling you a little bit about the awards show industry, because yes, it is an industry in itself. You might be surprised. Actually, you’ll probably be surprised. I know I was.

Pull out your tin-foil hats, watch Roma on Netflix, and enjoy this weeks episode of Shot for Shot.

Thanks for all your support,



Hello Listeners!

Alex and I are back this week with another full-length movie review (it’s been a minute!). We’re very excited to talk about Vice, an Oscar-nominated film that has proven to be a little divisive among critics and audiences alike.


We’ll let you decide how you fall, per usual, but we encourage you to watch it if you haven’t yet and give us a listen!

Thank you so much for your support!

-Monica and Alex


Happy New Year from Shot for Shot

Hello listeners!

We’d like to welcome you all to our first episode of 2019!

You’ll probably notice something very special right away: WE GOT A NEW MIC!!! We’re so excited about this little milestone and we hope that you are too. But that is not all of the awesome news we have for you today! We are now on SPOTIFY! Since it’s such a recent addition, it’s a little difficult to search for us directly from Spotify, but we have a link here.

We also just started a Twitter account, so please give us a follow there!

In this episode, we talk about the highs and lows of movies in 2018, and discuss what we’re excited about for 2019. Please keep an eye on our social media, where we’ll be asking you listeners which movies you want us to see and review.

Thank you for listening in 2018, and here’s to another year of movies!

-Alex and Monica

Shot For Shot Star Wars Holiday Special!

Hello Listeners!

Happy Life Day! Monica and I were excited to wake up this morning to presents and figgy pudding, but felt that there was something missing. The reason for the season just wasn’t quite… there. And then we realized! Solo: A Star Wars Story came out back in May of this year! So there’s no Star Wars movie to fill us with that sense of grandiose galactic joy that really makes the Holiday Season worth celebrating.

Santa Vader

Monica and I decided to do something about this unfortunate situation, and save the Holidays from the evil tyranny of The Empire (Disney) by doing something we’ve been dancing around for quite awhile as two huge fans of a Galaxy far, far away:

The George Lucas Hatecast!

So strap in, focus in, and get ready to talk some SERIOUS Star Wars because, ladies and gentlemen… THIS is pod-racing!

As always, huge thanks to Nick for our fantastic theme song, cooked special for Life Day!

And until the new year,
May the Force be with you.


George Lucas – Charlie Rose Interview

Machete Order:

Green Book

Hello Listeners!

Alex and I have a special treat for you guys this week: an ACTUAL NEW MOVIE!

We’re talking about the wonderful film inspired by a true story, Green Book.


This was an incredible film that did not receive the hype it deserved, but Alex and I hope to remedy that by giving you a whole bunch of reasons to check it out!


If you’re a fan of in-depth character study, heartwarming tales of friendship, or just good filmmaking, this movie is bound to impress!


On a less exciting note, this is going to be our last regularly scheduled episode until after the holiday season. But don’t fret, we do have one more Christmas surprise in store! It comes in the form of a special episode we’ve been promising since day one, so keep on the lookout for that!

Since this is technically our last episode, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, listeners! We’re still pretty small, so we absolutely notice all of the support you’ve given us. We have had so much fun since starting this adventure back in June, and we look forward to the new year. We have been tossing around some big ideas for 2019, so we’re ready to take this podcast to the next level!

Thank you again for all your support these past few months, and we wish you very Happy Holidays!

-Monica and Alex