Hello fellow movie lovers!

First of all, we’d like to thank you for joining us on this journey. We’ve tossed this idea around for a while now, and it is so exciting to make that idea a reality. Now, you may be wondering: what’s so special about this movie review podcast? After all, there’s no shortage of them.

The difference is simple, actually. We’re just a couple of regular people who love film, and we want others to join in on the discussion.

Movie reviews have quickly become less and less accessible to your average movie-goer. While there’s plenty of content out there, professional movie reviews have adopted their own language and format for their reviews, neither of which are very welcoming to someone who doesn’t already know their stuff.

This has created a terrible phenomenon in the movie industry.

You have critics trying desperately to get average movie-goers to understand why they should be more critical of the media they consume and average people wondering why critics all seem to be so stuffy and overly critical of the films that they really do want to see.

We’re looking to find a solution. We want to act as a bridge between these two groups, but more importantly, we want to close the gap.

By teaching audiences how to watch movies with a critical eye AND giving them the means (terminology, general knowledge) to discuss those movies, we can work towards changing the film industry for the better.

Anyone can see that the film industry has grown incredibly lazy over the past few years; what with all the franchises and sequels and remakes. By helping people discuss these movies, we can raise awareness of this troubling cash-grab, and express to industry leaders that we will no longer accept such little effort.

We want you to learn and grow just as we do. Together, as a united front of audiences and critics, we can inspire change.

Welcome to Shot for Shot.

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