Shot For Shot Star Wars Holiday Special!

Hello Listeners!

Happy Life Day! Monica and I were excited to wake up this morning to presents and figgy pudding, but felt that there was something missing. The reason for the season just wasn’t quite… there. And then we realized! Solo: A Star Wars Story came out back in May of this year! So there’s no Star Wars movie to fill us with that sense of grandiose galactic joy that really makes the Holiday Season worth celebrating.

Santa Vader

Monica and I decided to do something about this unfortunate situation, and save the Holidays from the evil tyranny of The Empire (Disney) by doing something we’ve been dancing around for quite awhile as two huge fans of a Galaxy far, far away:

The George Lucas Hatecast!

So strap in, focus in, and get ready to talk some SERIOUS Star Wars because, ladies and gentlemen… THIS is pod-racing!

As always, huge thanks to Nick for our fantastic theme song, cooked special for Life Day!

And until the new year,
May the Force be with you.


George Lucas – Charlie Rose Interview

Machete Order:

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