Green Book

Hello Listeners!

Alex and I have a special treat for you guys this week: an ACTUAL NEW MOVIE!

We’re talking about the wonderful film inspired by a true story, Green Book.


This was an incredible film that did not receive the hype it deserved, but Alex and I hope to remedy that by giving you a whole bunch of reasons to check it out!


If you’re a fan of in-depth character study, heartwarming tales of friendship, or just good filmmaking, this movie is bound to impress!


On a less exciting note, this is going to be our last regularly scheduled episode until after the holiday season. But don’t fret, we do have one more Christmas surprise in store! It comes in the form of a special episode we’ve been promising since day one, so keep on the lookout for that!

Since this is technically our last episode, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, listeners! We’re still pretty small, so we absolutely notice all of the support you’ve given us. We have had so much fun since starting this adventure back in June, and we look forward to the new year. We have been tossing around some big ideas for 2019, so we’re ready to take this podcast to the next level!

Thank you again for all your support these past few months, and we wish you very Happy Holidays!

-Monica and Alex

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