Hello Listeners!

We are incredibly excited to bring you this episode this week. We’ve been talking about this movie for MONTHS and let me tell you, it does not disappoint! You’ve got action, you’ve got thrills, you’ve got CHRIS HEMSWORTH LOOKING LIKE THE GOD OF THUNDER HE IS. Seriously, no one would blame you if you went just for his abs.


I mean look at that!

Anyway, this movie is full of twists and turns that leave you guessing and one of the best movie soundtracks this year! We’ll get into all the nitty gritty details in the episode, of course, because me and Alex REALLY WANT PEOPLE TO SEE THIS MOVIE.

28-bad-times-at-the-el-royale.w1200.h630                                (Me holding you hostage until you go see this movie)

And as always, we want to thank all of you who listened to our last episode, as well as those who left us reviews! THANK YOU!

If you’re dying to interact with us on social media, we are @shotforshotcast on Instagram and Facebook, and our personal accounts are tagged in all of our posts.

We hope you enjoy this episode!


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